Ruby Resources

As you might have noticed by now, these aren’t very good lessons, and I’m not very good at ruby (in comparison with what’s out there in the rest of the world).

There are heaps of other places to go to learn how to do stuff with Ruby, here’s a few.

If you find anything else that’s useful, pop it in the comments


The gist of things

This is a series of 6 lessons that introduces some of the ideas that surround basic programming and general algorithmic thinking. It uses Ruby as the language, and SketchUp as a way to visualise things in 3d.

  1. lesson
  2. lesson
  3. lesson
  4. lesson
  5. lesson
  6. lesson

Each lesson has homework that you need to post the results in the comments of each post. Feel free to ask questions in the comments too; I’ll try to answer as soon as I can, but if you can answer someone else’s question, then please do!

I hope you enjoy it, and if you don’t ‘get’ it, or you have a question, don’t be shy, just ask!